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英语解释:to make someone likely to think, feel, or behave in a particular way

make some one think or behave in a certain way
The way a person is brought up predisposes him to a certain way of life, thought or behavior. That is, how they live, what kind of behavior or thoughts they have, etc., are determined by how they are brought by their parents or guardians. The training a person gets predisposes his profession. That is, a person's profession is decided by the training they get. Certain circumstances in a person�s life predispose them to a certain attitude to life. That is, because of certain circumstances, they develop a certain attitude. Repeated failures in a person�s life may predispose them to having a gloomy view of life. Certain causes may predispose you to certain health problems. The children of diabetic parents may be predisposed to diabetes. That is, they may also suffer from diabetes.