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英语解释:to move someone to a job at a higher level; to move a student to a higher class at the end of the school year; to move a team to a higher level in their sport

1. Help the growth of 2. Help sell a product 3. To move to a higher rank or promotion in a job.
When we say that sports competitions promote friendship between nations, we mean that they help the friendship between nations to grow. 'Exercises promote physical fitness.� This means that exercises increase our fitness. Better communications promote better understanding in that if we communicate better, we are understood and we understand others better. When we promote a product, we try to sell it, by advertising it, by demonstration or by offering at a lower price. If a company organizes a promotion campaign, it is busy publicizing the product. When a company promotes an employee, it offers them a higher position or rank, than they are in. An officer is promoted to a general manager, if they are given the position of a general manager.