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英语解释:a large meeting or gathering of people, usually organized by a movement or political party and intended to inspire and generate enthusiasm among those present

英语解释:to come together, uniting for a common purpose or in a common cause, or call on people to do this

1. people grouping to support a person. 2. recover from a state of ill health or bad condition.
When people rally behind a person they come in a group to support the person. When you say the followers rallied to support their leader, you mean that they all came together in a group to support them. When a person rallies people, they bring together people to support a purpose or another person. An election rally is the meeting or procession of a large group of supporters of a party. A political rally is a large number of the followers of a political party gathering at a meeting or a procession taken out by them. When a person rallies they recover health, after being ill for a period. When the shares of a company rally they increase in value after a fall.