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英语解释:to bring two or more people back into a friendly relationship with each other after a dispute or estrangement, or return to a friendly relationship

1 make two opposite ideas, needs, etc. agree 2 make friends after a quarrel/settle differences 3 make [including yourself] accept a difficult situation.
Reconciling two ideas, needs etc., which seem opposite each other, is to find a way in which both can be accepted. Industrialization and pollution are two things that are In conflict with each other. To find a way in which we can have industry without the risk of pollution is to reconcile the two. When two persons are reconciled they forget their old quarrels and remain friends with each other. When two groups of people reconcile with each other, their good relations are restored and their past differences are forgotten. When a person is reconciled to a situation, they accept the situation helplessly, because they can't to do anything else. When a person knows that their death is not far off because of, say cancer, they are reconciled to death, that is, they accept it.